Thermosphere, Space When Gravity Not Effect

Hi guys, have you imagined how the feeling when we float in the sky? But of course before we can float freely we must escape from the Earth gravity. But the question is, how far do we need to escape from the Earth gravity? Ok, let's take a loo

Our Atmosphere consist of 5 layers, one of them called Thermosphere that we want to discus about it. Thermosphere is a layer that place on about 46.6028 until 403.891 miles above the surface of the sea. It called as Thermosphere because there is exteme temperature increase until about 1982°C. This temperature increase happen because there is UV radiation absorption process. The effect from this UV light create chemical reaction so make this layer ionic/electrically charged. That's why the Thermosphere also can be called as Ionosphere.

Ionosphere have may function in our daily life. Because it characteristics that electrically charged it can be usefull to reflect and spread the radio broadcasters, handphone signals, etc.

Ionosphere also have a important duty as the Earth shield from the meteors that pulled by Earth gravity. Because on this layer meteors would burn and become dust before it touch the surface of the Earth, except when the size of the meteor is too large sometimes it isn't burned fully so it will smash the surface and can make a huge earthquake or tsunami. 

On this Thermosphere there would no more gravity effect, even though there was only a little. But if the gravity effect on there isn't exist, so why the moon that the range from the Earth is of course more far from it but it still can be pulled by the Earth gravity?

Do all of you remember about the principle of, "A Mass would always pull the other Mass." from that we can conclude that the huge Mass of the Earth can make a huge gravity, but because our Mass are very small so just Earth that take a heavy job for pulling us to it. The Mass of Moon is also huge same like the Earth ones, so two of them pulling each other with large gravity, but because the Mass of the Earth is bigger than the Moon, it makes the Moon round the Earth. 

That is some information that I can tell you about Thermosphere and Gravity Principle, hope it would be usefull for you... And bye! See ya in next articles!

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