Is Hand Sanitizer More Effective than Water and Soap?

Hand sanitizer is usefull and easy to carry in several conditions especially when soap and water is not exist. But, is Hand Sanitizer more good than the other antibacterial? Ok, let's talk about it.

Hand sanitizer usually contain 70% concentration of Alcohol and can kill many kind bacteria class low such as influenza virus. When it left on the hands for abput 30 second, it could kill 99,9% of bacteria. Hand sanitizer will open the bacteria membrane and soon kill it. But of course not all of  kind of virus can be kill, like a Botulism and Nanovirus could so hard to be kill.

There is also non alcohol hand sanitizer, they are mainly containing of 0.1%-0.45% Triclosan, 0.1% Benzalkonium and 0.5% Chlorhexadine. But all of non alcohol hand sanitizer just have a Bacteriostatic characteristic, it means that it just slow down the bacteria reproduction. 

Of course in some cases, when on your hand there is a dirt, we can't use a hand sanitizer, it would spread the dirt to the other place. On thrse case it would better if we using soap and water.

On 2009 in Australia, there is a experiment in Australia that want to know, what is the best antibacterial? First, all of the volunteers gived vaccines againts influenza. Then put some influenzas virus on their hand. Some of the volinteers wash their hands with soap and water for about 40 seconds and be dried with with paper towel. And next volunteers using hand sanitizer with 61.5% for about 20 seconds. And there are also some volunteers that using sanitizer with ethanol with combination of other substances. And the last without any prevent step.

And the results is water and soap really remove virus from the hands. Actually hand sanitizer is can kill virus, but soap and water have choiced as the best antibacterial againts infection. And of course the person that do nothing with the virus would make it spread.

But new question come in, is the temperature of the water take effect? Actually hot water just can kill the bacteria if the temperature is 99.98°C or above. So, just use the normal water.

So at the end better using soap and water and save the hand sanitizer for some condition that hard to find water and soap. 

Thanks for your attention, see ya next time at the other articles~

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