How Big can Tsunami get?

Tsunamis are some of the most powerful and deadliest forces of nature.

Within recent memory, you may recall both the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2011 Japan Tsunami, both of which in resulted catastrophic damage and loss of life.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami happened after a massive earthquake struck here in the Indian Ocean. The earthquake itself released more energy than every single explosive detonated in the entire Second World War, including the nuclear bombs.

This enormous amount of energy created a tsunami that reached heights of 30 meters high in some places, or about the  height of 17 people stacked on top of each other. The wave smashed into Indonesia, South Asia, and the east coast of Africa, punching as deep as two kilometers inland from the coast in some places.
tsunami aceh

As you can see from photos like this one, the damage in these places was often extensive. The tragedy claimed the lives of around 150 thousand people, making it the deadliest tsunami in all of human history, while the 2011 Japan Tsunami was the costliest in terms of damage. That tsunami was also generated by an earthquake that created waves as high as 40.5 meters; just about five meters shorter than the Statue of Liberty, that came slamming into the Japanese east coast traveling up to ten kilometers inland away from the coast.

In science, biggest tsunami was known as Mega Tsunami, a mega tsunami is tsunami that created by an object impacting the point of high water level and also created a waves that reach above 100m heigh.

And last but not least, The most biggest tsunami wave of all time is happened 66 million years ago, when an Asteroid creating impact on earth ocean, that creates wave 5 kilometers! This is caused by an asteroid that impacting earth with 100 teratons worth of energy, that would take 2 million tsar bomba to equalified with this asteroid. Amazing!

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